Sweden around in a kayak 2013 - Mårten Wetterberg



Risö - Kärra 32km

Today started not as early as I first had planned, with a slow south-west wind, reaching Varberg would be a piece of cake. Oh, how wrong I was! I got to see a mink just beside my tent!

A good lunch at 12, emptying my lunch-food out, as I'll be stocking up in Varberg. Strange island for a lunch, as it was filled with burned down bushes, and mull-filled cabins, completely without any animals.

I headed down south in the skewed downwind, saw a bunch of seals, and quickly reached Malö, where I stopped to mount my pontoons and fill the water-sack with sea-water. All this to stabilise my kayak for the upcoming crossing of Kungsbackafjorden to Ringhals. I was not to reach Galtabäck at 6pm, so I relocated my pickup-spot with my cousins, north of Varberg was the new place.

Nothing bad about pontoons, they kept me afloat all the way across Kungsbackafjorden. The waves grew bigger and bigger, hiding the horison in every wave, and breaking into a white foam. My fear with the pontoons was if I were to puncture them with the paddle or just simply loose them. I would have ended up as driftwood. Without the pontoons, I would have stayed in Onsala.

After a successfull, but a bit too exciting crossing, I reached a beach north of Ringhals. Shortly after arriving, Tomas picked me up, and drove me to Varberg.

Now, feeling stuffed in my cousins bed, I'm quite happy to sleep in a proper bed. To dinner, we had tenderloin, salmon, dauphinois and much more, very delicious. We discussed christmas, wedding plans, maps, relatives and other good things. Tomorrow starts with stocking up my food supply, and then heading south again. If I pass Varberg tomorrow, I'm invited to sleep here another night.

One last thing, my cousin made me aware that all comments where not shown immideately on the blog. Now that's fixed!

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