Sweden around in a kayak 2013 - Mårten Wetterberg

Vituddens Kayak Wharf


Örö - Jungfruskär 50km

Today started at 7.30am, with coffe and weather forecast on the radio in the big cottage. At 8am, I had breakfast with Owe and Elisabet, delicious!

Owe took the boat to pick up guests who where to have a staff party. Elisabet tried a quiz on me, prepared for the upcoming party. At 10am, I was on the water, very happy with my stay on Örö. Thanks Elisabet and Owe for everything, and Sandell for telling me about it!

In calm downwind I headed for Västervik, aiming for Vitudden. I walked up to the dock where my kayak is made. I met Ingvar, who own VKV. Expressen, a Swedish newspaper, interviewed him for so long yesterday that a few orders where delayed, so he was very busy catching up. Despite this, he showed me around the wharf for 45 minutes. He also showed me his beautiful racing boat. He knew lots about my trip, as he follows my blog. We also discussed our common friends, Elisabet and Owe.

Ingvar is quite a genious in my opinion. The racing boat he had, was designed and built by him, he has drawn most of VKVs kayaks, invented the ponoon pipe for kayaks, and runs VKV. It was an honor to meet him, and see how the kayaks are made. I also saw his kayak further down the coast, the kayak he takes to work unless it's raining like today.

Heading north again, with a new back support from Ingvar, and recommendations for a recently dug passage between Hasselö and Sladö. The back support was very useful, and the secret canal hid me from the strong winds, and was perfect for lunch.

On the go again, the wind was picking up, and the waves as well. I enjoyed this, as my kayak VKV from Västervik is a delight in downwind, very quick, light and has all the functionality you can need on the sea.

I landed at 9.30pm, tomorrow I'm aiming for Tyrislöt, should be easy. There, mom, dad and my lil'sis awaits me. Cogratz Greta, who gets her summer holiday tomorrow. Swedish weather forecasts are warning for gale, but also says no more than 7 m/s is to be expected.

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