Sweden around in a kayak 2013 - Mårten Wetterberg

Very good day


Öresundsbron - Gislövs läge 34km

Today has been probably the best day so far. I hope your day was as good as mine! Allow me to tell you the story of today, it starts at 9am.

That's quite a sleep-in according to my new standards. A cup of coffe, then the bike down to Carl and Leslies boat in Falsterbokanalen, for a good breakfast. They are going to Istanbul through Europe on this boat, within a year!

After this, we head down to Limhamn, were the kayak was. There, Sydsvenskan(a newspaper) met us, to do an interview, fun with attention! I still can't quite explain why I'm doing this trip, but days like today might be it!

At 12, I started paddling, under Öresundsbron, where I shouted of happines, it is a proper mile stone on my journey. The rain started just before Falsterbokanalen, and I wasn't dressed for it, cold! Quickly, I changed to better clothes balancing on a rock, at 4pm when I did Falsterbokanalen.

Dinner at the municipality border to Trelleborg. Just before the town, a random guy, 65 years old, invites me in for a chat, coffe and beer, nice!

After that, the weather has been amazing. Right now, I', drinking the beer he gave me for the trip!

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