Sweden around in a kayak 2013 - Mårten Wetterberg

Thundering whales


Tylösand - Torekov 28km

Some days are quite slow, whilst others are rather exciting. Exciting, is the word for today.

At 10.30, I started south again, aiming for Hovs Hallar. The forecast was changed to 5 m/s, decreasing to 4 in the afternoon, perfect!

The recess was shorter than I expected, mentally. Halfway through, I stopped for a drifting snack, in the non-existent wind. Winding up the radio, the handle broke, quite annoying. Bad plastic, but with my gloves on, I can still wind it up.

A minute later, whales appear around my kayak, exciting! I've been looking forward to seeing some whales, and here they are, the furthest from shore I'll ever be on this trip!

Halfway from the middle to Hovs Hallar, thunder starts at my destination. The cloud soon blows out to sea, away from Hovs Hallar and me. When I was very close, another cloud appeared, alot bigger. Quickly I climbed ashore, and was only meters from being struck by lightning.

At 6pm, the thunder stopped, allowing me to continue to Torekov. Tomorrow, Kullen awaitsm which I can see from my tent.

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