Sweden around in a kayak 2013 - Mårten Wetterberg

Thinking day


Rönneskär - Oskarshamn 44km

Today started with a good swim, and at 9am, I was in the kayak again. Dead calm, and nothing to listen to. Instead I started singing and whisteling for myself, rather nice!

Quickly, the though started to wonder, wonder about life and the future. What I reached a conclusion on is the following; I'll stay in London for another two years, and am never moving back to my parents. I'll however continue to live there for like a month every year, for christmas and other holidays. What I want to continue with, is to still visit Sweden often, go on holidays abroad with my parents and sisters and NyWeb. Full time in London, or just find an office space, chase love, faith is to decide there.

From a kayakers perspective, I reached Oskarshamn. Blåkulla, Swedens famous island for whiches, lies haughntingly on the horizon, whichcraft rules this city.

At the moment, I have tons of mosquitos around me, while I am trying to relax. Repellent keeps them from biting, but nothing more.

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