Sweden around in a kayak 2013 - Mårten Wetterberg

Swedens nuclear reactors - done


Öregrund - Storskär 36km

Before the morning bell, I was up to do the morning routine. I was rather tired despite this, but at 9.10am, I was on my way, with Öregrund as my first stop.

In Öregrund, I stocked some food and had a soft icecream. On my way back, a café played a record I used to listen to years ago, so when I was ready to go, I instead got back to that café and had a baguett with mayo & shrimps and a cup of coffe, to the old record.

Again heading northwest after an hour in Öregrund, I started to freeze in my wetshirt. The winds were warm, but I bet the water is colder here! So after a slight detour to change clothes in the wind, I started for Forsmark again.

I was paddling slowly in a skewed tailwind, but I was tired, probably need to catch up some sleeping hours. Forsmark, the nuclear reactor, was just what I expected, but after that, I haven't seen neither soul or boat. It's a good feeling to be in the wilderness for real, I hope to feel the same way all the way to Haparanda. My current island is nice, close to a bird sancuary.

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