Sweden around in a kayak 2013 - Mårten Wetterberg



Hummelvik - Askö 40km

Stocking up at Ica Kvantum in Oxelösund, was todays first task. They had my favourite, dried Spaghetti Bolognese! I also found gas for my stove.

After a second porridge breakfast made on müsli, I left mom, dad and Greta in Hummelvik, to head east. No earlier than 11.30am, with Nynäshamn as a rather brave goal, I headed off.

Most of the day, the sea was rather powerful coming in from the south. Not a big problem really, however no tailwind, and I hid in the innermost parts of the archipelago for bits.

At 9pm, I timed a nice island perfectly. As I came closer, and saw the island not only on a map, I saw the signs, bird protection area until August. In the middle of Yttre Hållsfjärden, I had nothing better to do but to paddle to Askö, for another hour. The waves were picking up even more, and with the sun low, I couldn't always see the contours, so 10 meters from Askö, I got a forceful surf, with the stern pointing to a cliff. I managed to solve it. Askö isn't that bad, good areas for tents, a fireplace and gravel beaches.

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