Sweden around in a kayak 2013 - Mårten Wetterberg

Storming herring


Rotskäret - Skagsudde 61km

This morning, the weather hadn't changed from yesterday afternoon. Possibly the wind had lessened, but the sea was the same. Despite that, I started at 9.20am, with the pontoons mounted.

As I reached a distance of a kilometer from the mountain, the sea was alot better. Enormous waves, I calculated them to at least 2.4 meters. They didn't break as a rule, but the ones that did, made me very happy about the pontoons. Tailwind made it quite a nice trip, and the pontoons made it safer.

After a few hours, I came into the canal between north and south Ulvön, pizza time! I took a pizza at Almagränden, were I had unlimited access to salad and bread, and I was stuffed!

Without smelling the famous fermented herring, I was ready again. 6 ice cream scoops was also managed. A man came up to me, and asked if I was paddling the entire swedish coastline, HBB. Yes, I am! He had checked out my kayak when I was dining, and saw Ales Stenar on the back of my current map, and my nose was his last clue. We talked for a while, but then he wanted me to hurry away, Haparanda awaits.

Out from Ulvön again, I paddled east out from the dock this time. The first hour, Ulvön protected me, but then, the waves were back. I started planning reaching Skagsudden, it was looking quite good, maybe sand beach, leading to an exciting surf in, was my dream. As I came closer, I saw rocks everywhere, and the ocean was even more furious. None of the bays on my map seemed possible to reach, let alone be in, as the waves were furious. At first, I though I'd have to paddle into dawn, as it was now almost dusk. Quite quickly I found a bay protected by an island, were I'm sleeping tonight.

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