Sweden around in a kayak 2013 - Mårten Wetterberg

Squash Day


Kärra - Espevik 17km

Well, much paddling didn't happen today. Instead, I got to enjoy the company of my cousins, look at Fredriks upcoming apartment, dine at "Blå Dörren" and play Bamse with Maya. Also, I made two new friends, leading to possible wash- and sleep-possibilities in Ystad and Laholm respectively.

At first, I was quite stressed out being on my way. After a while however, I realised that Haparanda is quite far still, and to hang out with relatives here in Varberg will be a much better memory than reaching Haparanda half a day earlier.

I don't have too many places along the swedish coastline where I have friends and relatives to take me in, as Sala, Boden, Västerås and Hallstahammar neither are coastal cities. Time to enjoy here then!

At 5.10pm, I started paddling south. Past Ringhals and Kosterfjorden, nothing special. At 8pm I reached Espevik, and got to stay at Anderssons another night, very nice! A bit more serious tomorrow now!

Thanks to Fredrik and Tomas, who picked me up and dropped me off at the kayak! And to Malin, Anita, Hanna, Maya and previous mentioned for lodging and good company! Squash day obviously refers to Mayas fingers being squeezed by the door today.

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