Sweden around in a kayak 2013 - Mårten Wetterberg

Speed boats


Spjutsö - Tjurkö 30km

At 9am exactly, Hasse Godén, a journalsit on Sala Allehanda, called for an interview. I believe the article will contain alot abou hygiene and stomach muscles, but time will tell!

No sheeps hurried me off the island, so at 9.40am, I was on the go. Very calm waters all day, light headwind sometimes, light tailwind others. Dinner at Aspö, and lunch in Gö. I also managed to take a swim at lunch, very nice to feel clean again!

Now I'm in one of Swedens strongholds, Karlskrona. Castles and fortresses literally everywhere! Nowadays, it wouldn't do much in a war, but against spanish galleons, this is the shit! Speed boats are starting to appear from nowhere and everywhere, summer is close.

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