Sweden around in a kayak 2013 - Mårten Wetterberg

Some days, Haparanda is the goal...


Kolboda - Rönneskär 33km

Whilst on other days, I just want time to stop. Today, I wanted just the later. I'm on an island called Rönneskär, slightly north of Kalmar, and have had a great day!

Rather early start, to not bother the morning bath-people. At 6.20am, the first one came down, but everyone this morning were just happy to exclaim something nice about the weather.

I delayed my start abit, Sandell, the optician from yesterday, said he'd come down. At 8am, he came, and we had a good chat, about the road ahead, and his plans to circumnavigate Öland. He had checked out my blog, fun!

He wished me luck, at 8.15am, I headed north, aiming for Ölandsbron. Headwind, and rather strong, made me really cranky, so sausages and a promise to stop for a proper lunch in Kalmar made me happy again.

At 2pm, I was in Kalmar, and met a guy at a restaurant, who offered me a job. It turned out we had common friends. Passing Kalmar Kanotklubb, they were playing canoe polo, and invited me in. It looked a bit rough for me, so I declined.

Back in the kayak, the wind had turned around, nice! I passed through a narrow channal, whom some said was overgrown with weeds, others said was alive and well dug.

It's hard to include everything that happens in a day, but yesterday, a baby seal creapt up to me during my dinner. Tonight, I discovered a strange but nice hut on the island I'm sleeping on.

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