Sweden around in a kayak 2013 - Mårten Wetterberg

Smoking gun


Bjurö Klubb - Hamnskäret 57km

Got in the water no earlier than 9.40am, Haparanda was to give place to Henry and Catherines destinies in A Farewell to Arms. Out in side wind and tailwind, shifting constantly.

Quickly I headed north, in the skewed tailwind. I found a good spot for the tent on a high island, with a small lake just by the tent. The lunch was had at another island named Gråsidan.

Tomorrow I hope to cross the military training field early, and then start island jumping from Piteå to Kalix. On Thursday I'll be pulling out all the stops. Not a chance that I am to reach the rocks(the goal) on Thursday, but it's worth a shot. Do need to be careful while paddling tired, don't want to fall in. The weather seems nice the coming three days, thankful for that!

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