Sweden around in a kayak 2013 - Mårten Wetterberg

Regular day


Tjurkö - Styrsholm 34km

At 9.55am, I was on the go. Rather tired this morning. Headwind sometimes, at times strong all the way to Torshamn. In Torshamn, I stopped to buy gas and charge batteries.

I landed on a beach, in tailwind. I had to do some paddling in headwind later on, to cross Torhamns udde.

At the shop, I found a pizza place. There I met one of swedens IT-gurus, we had a good chat about schools in Sweden, UK buerocracy and other things. The owner came out and had a good chat about London girls aswell, I had a nice time! I bought red spirit instead of gas, as gas was nowhere to be found in Torhamn.

Back in the kayak, I pressed my nose against the spraydeck and paddled to Torhamns udde, avoiding some kite surfers and wind surfers.

I was exhausted when I rounded the peak, and was mostly drifting with the wind to where I am now. Met lots of seals, more beautiful ones here than on the westcoast. Red spirit burns well, and smells wonderful when burning, I like it!

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