Sweden around in a kayak 2013 - Mårten Wetterberg



Roll-training and maps

The day of days is getting closer, just about a week 'till I will make my first stroke. And that just outside the old ferry berth in Svinesund. So far, wind and waves have seemed rather interesting around that area.

Anyways, I managed to paddle a good 12 miles on the river this Tuesday, an evening that ended in a nice BBQ with the kayaking club. Last week, I did some more roll-training. It wasn't anywhere near as easy as last time, for some reason, but I still managed it. Next monday, I'm going down there to try out some new fancy rolls; sweep-roll, greenland-roll, reentry-roll and hand roll. I'll see how far I get with that in one session though.

I just got my maps, 34 pages printed over the exact areas I need. I got them printed from Amsterdam, in a size perfect for my waterproof map case. And the layout of the prints, is just gorgeous!

Last time I rolled, I was so confident with my 2-piece drysuit, that I didn't seal the pieces together very carefully. A small leak made me know how cold the water really is, still freezing!

Also, this tuesday I went kayaking on the Thames in the drysuit. Worth noting is that the summer really is here, it's gerring really hot! So as I got out of the kayak after a well-paced 12 miles, I was more wet inside than outside the drysuit. I was mildly suprised by the ability to keep heat inside the drysuit...

Things always happens whilst kayaking on the Thames. This time, we had to wait for a search-team to find a man overboard somewhere on the Thames. The boat reporting that over VHF, obviously didn't stay with the VHF very long, so noone seemed to know what boat this person fell from, or even where this person fell. After 10 minutes of police boats, the boat called back over VHF, reporting that something was wrong with their passenger list, false alarm.

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