Sweden around in a kayak 2013 - Mårten Wetterberg



Oskarshamn - Örö 40km

The day started rather early, my tent was like a sauna in the morning sun. I managed to sleep another half hour in only my sleeping bag sheet. The tent usually ventilates the heat well, but if there's no wind, there's no ventilation...

At 8.35 I was heading to Gunnarsö, to get some water for my water sack. I entered the reception of the camp-site, with my dirty shoes staining the place. I had an ice cream, and the staff was very friendly despite my shoes.

Light headwind was the starting wind, mostly enjoyable towards the nuclear plant, where I had lunch on an island. Time moved fast, and to reach Örö for dinner, I had to hurry up. When I started again after lunch, the wind changed, like it seems to do after 2pm. Strong tailwind, so I was close to cancel the day, as I had the waves over my shoulder, giving the kayak a rather nasty movement. The waves and wind had twice the distance to Blåkulla to gather strength.

When I could take the wind right on my back, I was drifting in 2 knots, and paddling, I could almost keep up with sailing boats. At Örö 6.30pm, I struggled for 15 minutes to find a living soul to ask about the restaurant. Eventually, Elisabet turned up, who is running the place with Owe.

What a wonderful island! I was only to stay for dinner, I said, but Elisabet prompted me to stay the night, as I was coming from Norway, on my way to Finland. I couldn't argue, it wasn't an option. So after a shower, she cooked me dinner, she knew how to feed a HBB-paddler; Cauliflower, potatoes, creme fraiche, eal, eal sandwich, toasted bread with butter, beetroot, minced pike, with pears and cheese for dessert. She was very friendly, and we discussed life, seals, wolves(a sensitive topic in Sweden), London, her kids and grandkids, my kayaing interest and lots more for hours. It felt like coming to my grandparents, just like Sandell from Kalmar hinted. Elisabet remembered Sandell from Kalmar.

Now, I'm sitting in the big cottage, listening to her grandkid on a CD. The fireplace is burging, my clothes are washed and drying and the coffee fresh. 3g and electricity is not bad either! Örö is paradise, maybe best to keep it a secret. Tons of people are discovering it, so Elisabet and Owe are having a rather stressful life nowadays.

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