Sweden around in a kayak 2013 - Mårten Wetterberg

On drift, blown in


Storjungfrun - Storjungfrun 0km

I was woken up by the heavy wind, coming from the north. When the morning alarm sounded, I didn't care, I cannot paddle in a headwind gale.

At last, I had my morning porridge done at 9am. It was raining and very windy. I went back into the tent, which was not hidden from the wind from yesterdays calm night, and now I didn't dare to move the tent. I noticed the kayak being a bit closer to the water now, yesterday I had it 50cm above in it's protected bay.

After 7 hours of bookreading in the tent, I had lunch at 4pm. Now the water was alot higher! My breakfast rock was under a few decimeters of water. Something was strange about the kayak as well, it was slightly tilted. I walked up to it, and realised it had moved a few meters. First, I got really pissed off about my stupidity, after that I pumped out the water from the cockpit in the already broken waves, and carried it to safety in the heavy wind. I inspected the kayak closely, and I could see a few new scratches on the surface, I was so lucky! 50cm isn't enough, not even in the Baltic sea.

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