Sweden around in a kayak 2013 - Mårten Wetterberg

Nothing to put in the christmas tree


Storjungfrun - Klacksöarna 26km

Alarm at 4am, but weather still to bad to paddle in, gale. I tried to wait for better weather, but it never happened.

At 10.5am, I was on the go, the wind was a bit calmer. Out from Storjungfrund was rather messy in terms of waves, but on open water it was better. After that, the fog came! It was thick, ate everything I could see. It was just me, the kayak, paddle and 10 meters of sea.

Navigating was dead simple, headwind was correct. At Enskär I had lunch, I believe Söderhamns archipelago is wonderful, but I couldn't see any of it. The beaches and shelters around it are well kept in order, and it has cottages all over.

I'm a bit disappointed of my distance today, especially as I tried quite hard. Headwind, fog and sea, no, today wasn't a day to put in my christmas tree. I'm sure I'll have better days before Haparanda.

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