Sweden around in a kayak 2013 - Mårten Wetterberg

Mushroom porridge and promised directions


Skatudden - Åstön 50km

The mushroom porridge wasn't that great. I hadn't checked with the Swedish Academy if the expression "swedish forest gold" could mean the berry hjortron instead of the mushroom. I tried to call it the gold of Norrland, but apparently, that's alread taken by a beer. I'm having the berry hjortron on my porridge, and nothing else.

I woke up to a clear blue sky, and packed my things, starting north at 8.55.

The first few hours, I only had swim shorts and a wetshirt, but eventually a seabreeze made me freeze brutally. I waited a bit too long to suit up, so I was both passive and stupid when I stopped to put the drysuit on.

Again heading for Lörudden, I stopped there and extended my lunch with a chocolate biscuit and an ice cream. Then, I crossed Sundsvallsbukten, a very long distance on open water. I'm sleeping on Åstön, an island filled with yellow signs. Bird sanctionary? Military field? No, old military field, nothing to put up signs for...

Yesterday I promised a fisherman to go inside the archipelago in Härnösand. He thought it would be funny if I called for an opening of the bridge for the kayak! I also promised to go between Ulvöarna for a pizza, but that's not tomorrow. At the horison, I can see blue hills, the map sais 250 meters high islands. Hovs Hallar down south was a fifth of that.

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