Sweden around in a kayak 2013 - Mårten Wetterberg

Morning bath


Styrsholm - Kolboda 35km

At 9am, I was on the go, everything working out well. At first, I was a bit bored by the dead calm weather, tried to find something on the iPhone to listen to.

No luck there, only one song. The wind was catching up however, very good tailwind, and entertaining waves! It's crowded with rocks here, so the waves were never too big, but I had to look out for those bloody boulders!

After lunch, which I had on a dirty bit of grass, I headed north again in the steady tailwind. At dinner, I had a discussion with my parents, so they will most probably come down the next two weekends, for a good catch-up.

Now, Kalmar is clouded from my view, and lightning seems to rule there. At the beach I am on, camping is forbidden. However, Sandén, the local optician, allowed me to do so, as he is a kayaker aswell. He warned me of the 6am swimmers for tomorrow!

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