Sweden around in a kayak 2013 - Mårten Wetterberg

More book than paddle


Hemsön - Rotskäret 18km

At 10.20am, I was on my way again. The night camp had a lovely bath pier, drifted here during the winter I guess. I had breakfast on it.

Out amongst the hills, I quickly reached open sea. After a while, thunder started, and lightning was prominent over mainland. I had nowhere to go, in the old sea over a meter high. The best solution was rock beaches with breaking waves, so I kept paddling instead. The thunder kept to mainland, and I a fair bit out to avoid the messy sea there.

At last I could go ashore west of an island, protected from the wind. After lunch, the wind came strong, SMHI suggested it was to increase over the afternoon. I tried going between Långskäret and the next island Rotskäret, but the sea was too messy for me. Now, I'm at Rotskäret, with Högbonden not far away, amongst waves smashing into the rock beaches!

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