Sweden around in a kayak 2013 - Mårten Wetterberg



Landskrona - Öresundsbron 35km

At 10am, I was heading south. The park I had my tent in, had a school event planned for the next morning, lots of kids! Luckily my tent was down before 8am.

Heading south, with Klagshamn as a target, I was supposed to sleep at Montants, old neighbours of mine.

Down to Barsebäck was a piece of cake, Malmö was alot longer, with headwind, container ships to avoid and waves from Lommabukten and Denmark. In Malmö, I ate 250g plums and a good sausage. The distance between Malmö and Barsebäck is massive, no wonder I was exhausted!

The kayak rests under Öresundsbron, and I in a bed in Höllviken, very happy after a good dinner, shower and lots of good talk with Montans, my old neighbours. Astonishing is that I was forgotten at a party at the age of 1, by my parents!

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