Sweden around in a kayak 2013 - Mårten Wetterberg

Military Training


Olofsbo - Tylösand 31km

Today started slowly, the morning routine took almost 3 hours. At 10.40, I was heading south again.

Starting with light upwind, dead calm later on. Hallands Väderö had 1 m/s today, so that's quite dead. It is very easy to paddle in, but also quite boring. Halland in itself is quite boring, sand everywhere and very long passages of long distances with no archipelago.

Lots of bangs was heard all day, like enourmos containers being shut. It turned out the military was doing training for the upcoming war. At one point, I had a plane right above me, hunted by a missile. When I was to cross the military boarder, I had to wait an hour for the training to stop.

Sure, Tylösand is beautiful, but compared to Böda Sand or Apelviken, there's no reason to sing about this beach. The beach before this, where I waited for the military thing to stop, was stunning, and I had a few good chats with swedes on their evening stroll along that beach. Tomorrow, winds up to 13 m/s will make Laholmsbukten impossible. I'll try to round it closer to mainland instead. Right now, I'm waiting for rain and thunder, promised by the weather forecast.

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