Sweden around in a kayak 2013 - Mårten Wetterberg

Meeting characters


Toklo - Söder Långholm 55km

Todays nasty one was starting pretty early. At 6.10am, I was on my way, aiming for a distant Norrtälje.

In dead calm sea, I headed northeast for half an hour. Then, the wind started, east, headwind. I fought on, I had quite a bit of motivation as I got up quite early. Just after Dalarö I met a ferry, whom I was a bit concerned about the direction of. During my stop, I heard someone breathing behind me!

I turned around, and there's a donkey beside me! How does a sealion look, I thought. Nick explained that it was just a chubby-seal, I thought that was the black-faces I've seen since Smykehhuk.

I had a chat with Lennart on HBB, about my midsummer plans, and all was green. I educated the lady in the lake the swedish way of celebrating midsummer.

Just after lunch I heard a characteristic splash behind me. I was in a rather messy sea, and whisteling for myself. Up comes Nick, in his new kayak, a Prijon looking like a surf ski with spraydeck and hatches.

After a while of talking, Nick invited me into his parents place in Fågelsbro. I said yes, greatfully, and met his wife, kids and parents. We had coffe, rubharb-strawberry-pie and toast, very nice! We discussed everything, and had a nice time for 45 minutes. Then, I had to go, and in there I got to paddle with his kid, 9 years old, handling the Prijon all by himself in the strong wind. I was very impressed!

After leaving Nick behind, I paddled into the canal and met the lady in the lake. She swims with a bouyancy aid, and I express my happiness regarding the weather, and she about the temperature in the water, 18 degrees! She asks me about swedish midsummer, what day it is, what goes with herring, barbeque and spirits. I, as a Londoner, explained my view on it, she invited people for midsummer without knowing what day it was! Do note that she had a strong foreigin accent.

The wind turned to southern after I met Nick, but at 7pm, my body was tired. Now I'm in Finnhamn, the kitchen closed 10 minutes before I got here. On the other hand, I've had good bread, beer and peanuts. I'm sleeping pn Söder Långholm on the other side of a small bay. The kayak is so fun without all the luggage!

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