Sweden around in a kayak 2013 - Mårten Wetterberg

Man in the stem


Älmsta - Öregrund 47km

After a good breakfast at Ankargården, I was on the go at 11.10. Not a single pause during the entire day. If someone watched me closely, they might have seen my pee-pauses in the kayak.

Most spectacular, was the ern I saw, hunted by hordes of terns, poor fellow. The mighty bird, my fourth ern so far! All thanks to Björn Helander, who almost single handed drew "Projekt Havsörnen" to save the swedish earn. Nick from Värmdö taught me that.

Just by Fålön, I met a boat with a man in the stem, back first. The wife was driving, and due to her husband, she couldn't see a meter infront of the boat. Now, I saw them and their problem, so we avoided a collision, but as she passed me on my port side, she was so surprised to see me, that her reaction caused a firework of things flying out of the boat. I woudn't drive a car with a man on my bonnet.

The reason for me paddling rather fast today in the tailwind to Öregrund, was that my big'sis, her fiancé, my lil'sis, mom and dad awaited me there, we were to eat at a restaurant. I was adviced to not go into Öregrund, if I wanted to tent, so I walked 40 minutes from my camp site to Öregrund city, where I met my family at a pizza place. Well, tent wasn't a problem at all in Öregrund, or why not sleep just outside the churchyard, like some drunk kids did yesterday?

We had a good time there, but then, someone was off to Sala, another to Västerås, and a third into his tent in the bushes. My big'sis and her fiancé wanted to follow me to the kayak to say goodbye, and I warned them of the walk throguht the bushes, describing it as Galdhöpiggen 2.0 scared my father enough. I wanted company however, so they came with me and we had a good chat amongst sticks, rocks, mosquitos and mud. I believe the path wasn't very enjoyable, even for us trekkers.

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