Sweden around in a kayak 2013 - Mårten Wetterberg

It darkens quickly


Sote-kanalen - Mollösund 46km

Today, I covered a good distance. It started with meeting another HBB paddler, Peter Sjödin. He was curious as to how, his opinion was that Sote canal is un-tent-able.

After chatting for a while, he left, and I 40 minutes later, at 10.40. After Kungshamn I headed straight to Lysekil, for a good lunch, charging batteries and getting more water. Just as I entered Lysekil, I saw Peter paddle south from the archieplago just outside.

At around 17.20, I left Lysekil, heading south. The plan was to put up the tent on Tjörn, or wherever I was when the sun set, whichever comes first. The dawn was first, but I couldn't find anywhere to tent, until I reached Mollösund

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