Sweden around in a kayak 2013 - Mårten Wetterberg

To paddle for 50 days, 50km a day, around Sweden

This was the plan. I've been planning to do it for a couple of years, getting experience and equipment for such an adventure

HBB(Swedish acronym for Seakayakers Blue Band, or Seakayakers Swedish Coastline) is a concept founded by Jim Danielsson 1990. The basics are to paddle roughly 2200km, over the course of one calendar year with no assistance from the outside world. Read about it here: havspaddlarnasblaband.se.
This year, a total of 10 other people will also participate, although I will most likely not see any of them:

Last year

Last year I did a not so serious attempt on doing it. I did not go into more details than paddling on the west-cost at an indefinate time, whilst telling colleagues, friends and family.

I was expecting to work along the way, with my small webdevelopment business. Solar cells, an energy-efficient laptop and a MC-battery were my weapons. It didn't work out, Sweden don't have much sun, and my charger broke after just a week. I got to try what is supposed to be the most challenging part of it.

Of course I did other kayaking adventures as well, and spent well over 3 weeks in a tent, with a paddle as a gas pedal, and the water as my asphalt. Not to mention the trekking and a marathon car-race down to Venice!

This year

A bit better prepared, in terms of timing, I won't be relying on anything other than my kayak. If I can do a few hours here and there, that's great, but if not, paddling comes first.

After training with Tower Hamlets Canoe Club from January, and sailing with Docklands Watersports Centre, I have tried and keep up and extend my knowledge the best I can. This will become vital, as the trip is over 50 days, and technique and experience will be tested to its max. I have also been running every other day since October, to keep fit.

I am planning to complete the trip in 50 days, starting on Saturday 18 of May, from Svinesund. Roughly in mid-July, I expect to exit the last time the summer of 2013. I can't imagine wanting to paddle after that date.

Luckily, my father has agreed on driving me to and from the start respectively the finish. The start is 550km away from my parents place, and the finish roughly 1100km, so it is of massive help!

About me

I was born and raised in Sala, Sweden. I'm 21 year old guy, working my way in life as a programmer in London, currently freelancing. I study as well as run a few smaller businesses, regarding web development.

I've always had a facination for water, but it's not since lately I've actually taken anything up. I started paddling 3 years ago, trying to learn on my own. I got my kayak from a deal with the manufacturer, given that I made their website. I have since been on a couple of courses and sessions, to improve my technique.

My parents have always enjoyed camping, both in caravans and tents. I was not very old the first time I lit my first Trangia, and my first fish as well. Nowadays I enjoy trekking, kayaking, sailing and running, and spend every Sunday sailing, and most Tuesday evenings kayaking.

About the website

If you've read this far, you now know I'm a programmer. I made this website from scratch, based on my company NyWebs system. It is connected to my SPOT, so that I can transmit my position at any time, just by pressing a button on my device. It also has an admin-system, made for my iPhone, and is very responsive to different screen-sizes.

It's obviously only made for my HBB, but if you want to have a look at the system, give me a shout(post a comment, that is). For any HBB-paddlers, I'd be happy to set an account up for you, so you can have your very own system, for free. For it to be really useful, you will need a SPOT Messenger.