Sweden around in a kayak 2013 - Mårten Wetterberg

I can see the light


Hamnskäret - Stenskäret 40km

This day started early, but the wind was rather hard on the tent fabric. No 2 meters per secont in headwind, as promised. Rather 7 m/s, but still headwind. Well, not much to do about it, I have a pretty tight time schedule. When I was about to get out with the kayak, I realised it was impossible. Yesterday, I went ashore in a cleft on the bare rock, and now there was just no way getting the kayak in there. Completely logic place to go ashore on, with yesterday’s southern winds and todays promised 2 m/s. Dead stupid, as I know well that the weather forecasts are rarely correct.

Carry the kayak up over the flat rock a few hundred meters to the other side of the island, on the sothern side? Never, instead I started strolling about the island. Soon, I found an earth cellar at an abandoned cottage. There, I sat down to finish the book A Farewell to Arms. Horrible book, honestly! As a writer, you have the responsibility to at least leave your main characters some good at the end of the book! In the movie Silver Linings Playbook the main character gets an outrage after finishing the book, but my reaction was slighly calmer.

So I started looking for other things to do, and found berries. Every other one in the bucket, the rest in the stomach, as my grandfather used to say!

At 1.30pm the sea was slighly calmer, but launching the kayak was still the most advanced launch so far. Almost thrown out of the kayak I finally came outside the breaking waves, and started pumping a full cockpit. After that, further north, grateful for the headwind turned to a tailwind. At dinner on Jävre Sandön I started preparing for the long crossing to Kalix and then further to Haparanda, with putting on lots of clothes under the drysuit. Night paddling waits!

I couldn't paddle further than 00.00, as the sea from northwest was quite hard to predict without the sun as my guiding light. Up with the tent, and immideately, I slept on the tent floor with my dry suit still on.

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