Sweden around in a kayak 2013 - Mårten Wetterberg

High Coast floor tiles


Åstön - Hemsön 51km

After a morning swin and nail cutting, I got in the kayak at 9.10am. Out over Åvikebukten was heavier than expected.

After I reached Svenskäret, I took an early lunch at the beach. Therefore, my planned late lunch at Härnösand became dinner instead. In the pathway betweeen Härnön and mainland, the wind was tunneled into an incredible strength, nice tailwind!

In Härnösand, I walked a few minutes to a big shop. It wasn't really necessary to do before Haparanda, but it can be fun to make the last week more luxorious. After that, I went back to the kayak, and to a restaurant called Hamnkrogen. At the restaurant, I felt quite under-dressed at first, in my wool sweater and drysuit pants. Soon, my heated "Pizza á la Norrland", on a floor tile from the hardware store Bauhaus, and I was more at home. Now, I was the only one on the restaurant not complaining loudly about the food. All restaurants cannot be good.

I left the floor tile behind, now I'm sitting in the tent on the northernmost peak of Hemsön. Höga Kusten(High Coast) is amazing from a kayak!

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