Sweden around in a kayak 2013 - Mårten Wetterberg


Havstenssund - Sotekanalen 38km

Today had a slow start, after two hours of packing, I started at 10am

Tjurpannan was very simple to cross, so I was heading straight south. After a while, I met Christine, a girl starting her swedish coastline trip in juli. We had a good chat about technical kayaking stuff.

After Hamburgsund, I saw a suicide attempt, by a swede, with a norwegian speed boat. He tried to stop them from causing a massive swell, as he was fixing up his wooden boat just there. They completely ignored him standing in their way, and he had to move away last second. I hope it turned out fine for his boat, he wished me good luck on my trip despite his close to accident.
As the wind was east-northeast, I went east a bit, to cross the entire stretch from Hamburgsund to Sotekanalen. It was a good idea, as it made me have the wind in my back.

Now I'm in Sote canal. I decided to stop at 8pm, so as 8pm came, I had to choose between two stone-walls on either side of the canal. I chose the one free from cows.

Tomorrow, the weather is getting worse...

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