Sweden around in a kayak 2013 - Mårten Wetterberg

Half day


Torslanda - Risö 25km

Today started slowly, I fell asleep at 4pm last night, and woke therefore early. The wind was supposed do decrease after lunch, so I waited and read a good book in the tent.

At 1pm I started my paddling-day, despite the wind still being strong. Torslanda - Brännö took exactly two hours. After that, I passed the small islands in Gothenburgs southern archipelago, never missed a stroke from 13pm. Donsö was beautiful, filled with mopeds. After this, I crossed the waters to mainland Sweden.

In a brave southern-southeastern direction, I hoped to gain a few miles. Halfway out, I realised how incredibly far it was to the mainland in that direction. I found a few excellent surf-spots out there, maybe not that fun with a loaded sea-kayak. After sunset, I had to cancel my attempts to reach mainland Sweden, so I have now docked at a beauiful island, very close to mainland.

Tomorrow will start early, so that I can make sure to reach south of Varberg tomorrow. I'm going to meet up my cousins there, to get proper food, a good shower and a bed!

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