Sweden around in a kayak 2013 - Mårten Wetterberg

Hail and gale


Jungfruskär - Tyrislöt 42km

Today started slowly, the wind was strong on the tent fabric, and the rain was pouring down. As late as 10.35am, I got to recover quite a bit of sleep I lost while working at Örö.

In the downwind, I aimed for stocking some food in Fyrudden. Roughly an hour before I reached Fyrudden, the wind picked up and turned to the west, and the rain started to pour down even stronger. Soon, my kayak started to make loud noises, and I felt something painful on my ears, hail! Painful, but short. Now I can check hail off my list, please don't return.

Into Fyrudden to stock up, rather short of stuff for a sea kayaker. After that I headed towards Tyrislöt in a good pace, with wind and waves being rather strong, poor sailors are lying down flat while tacking upwind.

When I reached Tyrislöt, Greta, mom and dad awaited me. We had a good dinner together, and I could relax well and enjoy being taken care of. Even if the staff is very friendly here, they don't quite keep things in a good order. However, the shop is perfect for kayakers, up shopping at 8am tomorrow! Tonight, I'm sleeping in a proper bed in a cabin not far from the sea.

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