Sweden around in a kayak 2013 - Mårten Wetterberg

Early night


Mollösund - Glilholmen 26km

Today started with a good bath, very good feeling to be clean again. The cold water didn't really bother me, I guess my body is used to this now. After only having packing the kayak left, I saw Peter Sjödin again. He couldn't hear me, as he had a ferry to look out for in Mollösund.

When I started at 10.20am, I saw some cows being released on an island, quite exciting. I hope I don't pick one of those islands to put my tent on though!

The day moved on well, in rather windless and foggy condition, all the way to Törnekalv, where I had lunch. I had a better lunch than usual, as I the night before just had some fast-food.

After this, I headed straight south again, towards Gothenburg. The goal was Brännö, quite ambitious as I don't usually get that far in a dag. The wind started to pick up at one point, and having the waves giving me a skewed surf, wasn't great. At 6.15pm, I called it a day, stopping at Gillholmen.

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