Sweden around in a kayak 2013 - Mårten Wetterberg

Crazy Arkösund


Tyrislöt - Hummelvik 40km

The shop in Tyrislöt wasn't all that good. Fair enough, it's pretty early in the season, and they had a burglery a couple of weeks ago. Gunvor offered me to take whatever gas I wanted from their own stock.

At 10.40, I left my mom, dad and lil'sis in Tyrislöt, we where to meet the same night. Towards Slätbaken, which I crossed after a lunch. In Arkösund, speed boats where everywhere, and not always controlled by competent drivers.

Just after Bråviken, I got caught in a pretty brutal reflective waves, I was roughly 100 meters from the steep walls in the souteastern winds. After that I was to find a place to meet my parents. After some awkward roads, we met in Hummelvik, after two hours of searching.

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