Sweden around in a kayak 2013 - Mårten Wetterberg

Coffe cups


Torekov - Viken 28km

At 9.30am, I started across Skälderviken. 9 m/s was very correct, with no gusts.

Halfway through to Kullen, the waves started to become big. Worse, they broke into a white foam sporadically. It's heavy to hold up against breaking waves. At Kullen, I had lunch in the beautiful scenery.

Wind from the side over the bay, but then heavy headwind so at 6pm, I stopped at Höganäs, for stocking up food and having a good pizza.

At the pizza place, two local teams played a derby, so it was very loud and fun.

Back at the kayak, I paddled for another hour, way past the sunset. Now I've raised my tent 30 meters Out Of Bounds of a golf course!

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