Sweden around in a kayak 2013 - Mårten Wetterberg

Cloudy and cold


Skagsudde - Långroudde 39km

I woke up to a grey sky, but the wind was calmer. I took a sleep in, 10.40am I was on the go again, mostly because of my late arrival yesterday.

Out of my bay, I was surprised! Surprised to not have pontoons, the kayak wasn't stable at all. It took a few waves before I got the hang of using the hips again.

Sommar i P1 was radiated out from my loudspeakers, 3 episodes, whereof 2 twice. I took a late lunch at a nice beach surrounded by cottages. A man of my own age came up to me from his cottage, and we had a nice chat. I tried describing where I started, Gothenburg and Strömstad wasn't in his knowledge. Very well, he was impressed by my paddling from Stockholm.

Out again, I looked at the map, and the horison. Something wasn't right, so the GPS decided. Disappointed, I realised I wasn't anywhere near as far east as I expected, I'm blaming the talkshow for that!

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