Sweden around in a kayak 2013 - Mårten Wetterberg

Book reading


Askö - Lacka 36km

Slightly tired after the late paddle-night yesterday, I got up early enough. When I was done with all the packing and eating, the sun came. I stayed until 12.10pm, I was reading books and heating up, Sweden is rather cold now.

Crossing to Landsort, I had a pretty brutal sea coming in from the Baltic sea. I got tired of them, and rerouted my kayak to a canal, Dragets kanal. I also listened to the same podcast four times, and it was still good.

Passing Nynäshamn, I saw the ferry to Gotland up close. Other things I saw was eagles, dear and fox. In Nynäshamn, I have once tried to board the ferry from behind, without tickets. I got caught, and my mother explained our case rather well.

Now I'm sleeping on a nice island named Lacka, perfect for the tent, not too much wind or mosquitos.

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