Sweden around in a kayak 2013 - Mårten Wetterberg

Blombergs day


Klacksöarna - Bålsön 51km

At 9.40am, I started in the tailwind. After reaching Korsholmen, I aimed for a distant Agön. At Enhammarsfjärden, old sea started to come in from the east, big waves.

Lunch at Agön, then on to Hornslandet. Just as I was to leave Kuggören behind me, a speedboat comes into view on the recommended track, and stops, looking at me. It was Blomberg, cause I paddled to him. It looked quite terrifing in the old sea with the speedboat, and he agreed. He was taking the boat to their cabin, cause his grandkids was coming over, and that's why he didn't invite me in. He asked if I was heading for Haparanda. Yes, I was. He said he'd seen many of us HBB-kayakers throughout the years, some Leif used to stop there, 5 times so far. I mentioned that I'd been out 41 days; he replied I had 14 days left, probably quite right.

I asked about Strömsbruk, stocking up, drinking water and elecricity is needed. Strömsbruk wasn't good, said Blomberg. Shopping at Stocka and restaurant in Mellanfjärden, perfect. His tip about my night camp was perfect!

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