Sweden around in a kayak 2013 - Mårten Wetterberg



Viken - Landskrona 29km

Today started early, to avoid those teeing out early on the golf course. Down by the beach, there were quite a few people taking a morning stroll, so I spent an hour talking to people. At 9.45am I was back on the water.

After that, the painful day started. I've realised that I need to paddle slightly longer every day, to reach my target number of days. After the last ness before Helsingborg, I headed straight to the dock. I was therefore slightly outside the fairway. I spent almost two hours there, not realising I was paddling in a 2 knot upstream.

As it was now 2pm, I had lunch. It was hot enough for a bath, until I reached shore, when the sun was clouded. The radio was filled with water, broken. I had a cramping leg, and when the rain started, I hadn't closed the cloth bag.

Not fun... Back in the kayak, the stream was better closer to mainland, and I had a good downwind. I managed to take a swim just south of Helsingborg.

Positive things: Iäve done the most challenging parts of the coastline: Tjurpanna, Gothenburg, Kungsbackafjorden, Laholmsbukten, Skälderviken, Kullen and Helsingborg. My radio/flashlight can be replaced by my phone, and my kayak-light. Also, my current location is perfect for my tent, even have a bench here! Also, I saw more than 6 whales today.

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