Sweden around in a kayak 2013 - Mårten Wetterberg

Between Stocka and Mellanfjärden


Bålsön - Skatudden 41km

My first paddle stroke out from the lovely beach was taken as early as 6.15am. I was to time shopping in Stocka and dining lunch and stocking up water in Mellanfjärden.

Pretty simple to paddle to Stocka, and after asking a few of the locals I found the shop just after they opened. Nice shop, had everything I needed. Despite that, I forgot to buy dried fruit for the morning porridge.

Nice atmosphere here in Norrland. In the shop, someone asked for directions. The lady didn't know any street names, but asked whom they were looking for, age and name. Immideately she knew whom they were looking for, and gave clear instructions, here everyone knows where everyone lives. Not many boats, but lots of floating with engines. My fake accent is starting to come back, poor dad doesn't like that.

Out towards Mellanfjärden was simple, but in skewed headwind during the hour I spent. Mellanfjärden is really worth visiting if you paddle here, I'll try to get the ride from Haparanda to stop here, if time allows it.

On the restaurant I was recommended the herring with butter and mashed potatoes, extra large. Two and a half hours later, fully charged batteries, two beers, local cheesecake and coffe made me very happy. I also measured my paddled distances from Örö, and it's been very productive, I'm quite proud. I quickly visited the shop to fill up some water and solved the dried fruit problem with swedish forest gold, amazing! That shop was just as good as the one in Stocka, but a bit smaller.

Back to the kayak, a cople of kids started talking to me. Soon, their dad came down and gave me a energy bar. It was Andy, from Lichfield, who had been tricked here a year ago by his swedish wife, and studied swedish here. Lichfield is a name I recogniced from Waterloo train station, being called out constantly. After a year he speaks better swedish than the queen, and we switched between the languages just like I do with London swedes. I tought him a new word, so from now on his caravan tent is comfy, and his couch is practical, something didn't turn out right in my teaching there!

Heavier after Mellanfjärden, so stopped at 8.30pm, had a chocolate bar for dinner. I've been talking to lots of people today, both in Stocka, Mellanfjärden and people fishing, nice! Sorted somewhere to land in London as well, I hope!

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