Sweden around in a kayak 2013 - Mårten Wetterberg

Beautiful like few


Stenskäret - Klyvan 75km

Not that happy about yesterdays crazy tent trick, I was stiff with cold when I woke up at 3am. I could've at least blown up my mattress? Anyhow, at 3.35 I started paddling, slightly happier after eating my last beer sausage.

First I crossed a very shallow passage, I do not recommend going at the sound at Mellerstön. After that I aimed for Rödkallen, the longest passage at 27km. The last 5 km I was rather sleepy, so I had my last bit of bread and paddled again. I went ashore on a small beach, quickly walked around the island and greeted on people, and then I slept on the beach for two hours.

When I woke up, a sailing boat came into the bay, and a father and his son came up to me and we talked for a good while about everything. I had no reception, but got a good weather forecast from the fathers mobile. Telia have amazing reception! They were both worn sailors, with their home dock in Höga Kusten, so we talked about the lighthouse at Pite Rönnskär, which really came from Sandhammaren, and is of the same make as the one on Rödkallen.

After yet another while an open speedboat came up to me, with a very nice old man, who sat down beside me in my lunch and talked. He told me much about the island, and gave me advice for the road ahead. In reality, he wanted me to go straight for Haparanda, but his son though I shouldn't even aim for Kalix, that alone was too long.

Well, I aimed for Kalix and paddled into the night, and I went ashore on a small island. Very different weather forecasts, SMHI has changed its prognosis 4 times for tomorrow, with winds from 2 to 8 m/s and direction from northeast to south via west! Sleeping under the bare sky beside the kayak, with my cockpit cover as a planket and the hat as a mosquito net for my face.

I have to say Luleå archipelago is the most beautiful so far, amazing kayaking!

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