Sweden around in a kayak 2013 - Mårten Wetterberg



Trevisborg - Brödjeholmen 39km

I was quite excited this morning, tailwind and good waves on the beach! I got started at 10.40am.

Rather quickly, I headed for Åhus, and was done with that at 6pm. I had sausages while floating in the bay.

In Åhus I went to a pizza place, and to a store to stock up some food. Very beautiful town, much like Visby with narrow alleys and hills. Good pizza as well! I replied to some emails, and did some work. It's amazing how little time is left for other things than paddling, sleeping or eating. It's a very nice lifestyle, just living life from a kayak.

At 9pm, I was back in the kayak, and done at 11.30pm. In the pitch black darkness, I struggled to see what I pulled the kayak ashore on. It seemed like a solid mud, but smelled awful, I couldn't see what it was because of the darkness. No breakfast on this island! I'm however excited to be back in an archipelago again.

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