Sweden around in a kayak 2013 - Mårten Wetterberg

A choice of clothes


Lövgrund - Storjungfrun 48km

At 9.50am I started, the alarm couldn't argue with me for a much earlier start. Out barefoot in swim shorts and drysuit jacket, it was quite warm, and slightly windy.

Very exciting morning, just outside my camp site at Lövgrund. I had to come very close to a seagull, just a meter away. I paddled with a sculling sidestroke on the opposite side, but as I got a meter or two from the seagull, I could see its kids running around on the stone barrier. I could have poked the seagull, and taken the kids home, so close! I left them without them really noticing me.

I aimed for the lighthouse Trödjehällan, but changed my course to Iggön rather quickly. Soon, a boat came up to me on my starboard, a large and open speedboat.

It was the swedish coasguard, checking out a bird sancuary in the area. On board was two friendly guys, we had a good chat. I hadn't talked to anyone since Öregrund. He who was not Petter knew quite a bit about HBB, he even had plans to get the swedish coastguard to do it together, where each district did their own part.

I left them after half an hour, and was quickly at Iggön at 2pm, where I had lunch on a rock. I was very warm in the jacket, so I packed that into the kayak instead.

Out towards Kusökalv I started to get cold in the partly cloudy weather. I tried to keep my feet from dying, but in vain, I had quite the trouble using them at my dinner break. At two instances, I was sure a toe was broken.

My big'sis called me whilse paddling, and we had a good chat about her wedding, clothes and wifting wedding dresses and other things. Tonight I'm sleeping on Storjungfrund, the coastguards idea. Rather nice island, packed with mosquitos.

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